Friday, December 05, 2008

Is Twilight Ruining America?

LOL! Nice deceptive title, huh? I'm a little on the late freight and I just read the book Twilight on Thanksgiving Day. I picked it up in the morning and really never put it down until the evening when I was finished with it. I was doing some Googling to see if they were planning on making the next 3 books into films or not (they are: click here) and as it goes with blogs sometimes, I kept clicking links that led to other discussions. I went from "Are they to make the next 3 movies" to "Is this series harmful to today's youth". PLEASE!!! I read a little of the discussion board and most reading the blog begged to differ as well (thank God).

I'm 43, and not a teenage girl anymore (yes, I am aware of that)...And here's what I walked away with from the book and the film: It was absolutely giddily romantic. Have none of these critical people never been hopelessly head-over-heels in love where you feel like that person is human heroin and you'll die if you don't get another hit soon? :-) If they haven't ever felt that, then I feel sorry for them. I'll admit, it's a horrible, out of control terrifying feeling when you're in it, but it's also the most wonderful thing EVER!!! Anybody who's never felt that probably feels a lot more in control, but they've also missed out on what it feels like to be completely emotionally out of control (in a good way...not a "Better go find Gil Grissom to catch this bitch" psychotic).

Would I find a way to make it work with Edward the Vampire if he was blowing such hard pheromones at me that I just couldn't get enough of it? Absolutely!!! If that makes me mentally ill, then print me the tee shirt and I'll wear it every day!

Great books, great story, VERY romantic. Ladies, read it with head held high and don't berrate yourself for totally loving the latest greatest thing in hot teen literature. Speaking of that, how come "teen literature" has all these fat books in huge series, eg Harry Potter and Twilight? When I was a kid we got Are You There God, It's Me Margaret and the best series we had was The Black Stallion. Good series, but each book was less than 200 pages...These Twilight books are 500-600 pages!!! What the HELL??? I feel as an avid teen reader I may have been gipped. That said, if I want to read the Twilight Books and I think the vampires are the sexiest thing ever, then that's my God given American Right. :-)