Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Autograph Signing with Tim Robbins!!!

Found out quite suddenly yesterday that Tim Robbins, of Bull Durham and Shawkshank Redemption fame has a band. Also found out he was going to be playing in PDX, as well as doing some record store signings. Huh...My celebrity wall hadn't seen a new pic since Bono so I figured it was time. I showed up at 5:30 so I could rally a good spot for the 6pm show....6:30, still no Tim. Best line of the night? A guy behind me said, "10 more minutes and I start flinging Michael Bolton cd's!"
Luckily, just about that time Tim did walk in. BUT, we were told since he was so late and had no guitar, no show...just cd signings. That's fine...since they had his music playing for the hour and a half we were getting annoyed waiting for him we were all starting to wonder if that's the music they play in purgatory anyway. I'd had enough of his singing for one day.
So I leave my spot I had reserved for the last hour and a half and go to a different spot in the store to stand in line for an autograph (I actually had purchased a cd...seemed polite if I wanted a picture). People in front of me had Shawshank dvds and posters they wanted signed. Tim immediately nixed that with "No movie stuff! I'm here to sign cd's". Wow...that's a huge mistake if you are trying to get folks to love a new side of you...tell them you refuse to sign their beloved movie stuff and come off as an asshole. Hard to get folks to believe they are going to love your cd after you've done that. Oh this point I was just hoping nobody pissed him off so badly that he got mad and left...
Got up there quite quickly for my turn. Told him, "OK, I bought the cd, I only have one thing for you to sign, can I have a picture?" He looked sort of confused and then said, "Yeah, sure!". So I leaned in and the store guy took the picture for's not bad, considering it's just a counter leaner.
While he was signing my cd I said, "I won't make any snarky comments about Bull Durham...." He sort of had this grin on his face and kept signing my c.d. Then he looked up with this DAZZLING smile and said, "Thanks so much for buying my cd!" Pretty funny. And my GOD what a smile. Everytime I get around these guys I don't think much of it until they turn the looks on...then you realize how they got so famous in the first place. That's why they are celebrities I guess.
As I was walking out I just started laughing. I was thinking, "Tim Robbins is sort of a dousche...." But the longer I thought about it, the more I think his douschiness made it a little more fun. LOL!