Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finally Saw a Gorge Concert....One More Check off the Bucket List!!!

I finally did it and sucked it up and went to a Gorge in George concert. I must say that the drive was spectacular...all the windmills next to the road going up the pass at Maryhill were pretty cool...very distracting though...pretty windy road to be gawking at windmills on. I made it through unscathed though.

Would I see more music at the Gorge? Probably not....It's a Looooooonnnnggg drive, and the sound is bad. The view is amazing, but 20,000 people on a VERY steep hill lawn is a little much. I will have to say I far preferred Red Rocks in Colorado...much smaller than this venue, but a better venue for taking in good music. Important thing is that I did it...As I said, one more thing off the list.

What did I think of John Mayer and Keith Urban together? Well, together they sounded every bit as good as I thought they would....And I'd just seen Keith a few months back at the Rose Garden and was impressed out of my shoes. This show was an abbreviated version of that, only with worse sound and too many people....but it made me remember the Garden show so I was happy. As for John Mayer, alas, I just don't like HIM...I tried to look past it for the music, but then realized the music is a little too sleepy for me. I don't hate him, but he's nobody I'd go see again. I like him better when he's jamming with others than I do on his own playing his own stuff.

So, overall it was not a bad day, and I'm glad for the experience, but unless U2 books the Gorge pretty soon, I probably won't be back anytime soon...I have too many good venues within 20 miles of where I live to feel the need to drive 300 miles for a concert. I guess that's why I live here in the first place!