Monday, June 06, 2011

U2 360 in Seattle...Finally....

I had the tickets for almost 2 years, but finally the Claw came to Seattle. My co-pilot changed several times over that 2 year stretch, but it turned out that my brother Wade ended up going with me. Considering it was Wade's first U2 show, I'm thinking Bono gave it his all!
I saw 360 Tour twice already, once in Vegas and once in B.C. When I saw it before they still had hope for NLOTH to take off so a large part of the set list was from that album. This time they dropped most of that and did a very nice selection of their past catalogue. I was pretty excited that I got to see them play Stay live and accoustic. That was a first time for me. Also a first time for All I Want Is You in concert for me. Loved both!
I'm not sure if "It" was in the stadium or not...I think it's harder to feel that in that large of a couldn't really hear the crowd singing from where I was sitting, so it was harder to get the whole comeraderie thing as I have at some smaller venues in the past. However, I won't say "It" wasn't there was a good show and I felt pretty good afterwards. A U2 show continues to be my number 1 happy place!