Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sponsors Needed for the Livestrong Challenge!!!!

I finally did it and signed up to ride in the Livestrong Challenge in Portland, OR on July 30th. What makes this an even greater challenge for me is the fact I'm going rafting the day before...(Please scroll down the blog to the rafting story if you haven't read it previously!!!!). My brother Greg is coming down to my neck of the woods that weekend and we are attempting our own little Biothalon. Okay, Greg is riding 70 and I'm only riding 40, but nevertheless....

I attended last year as a sponsor and this is the photo I got of Lance as he was riding the ride....nice photo considering how quickly I had to snap it.

Anyway, I need sponsors because I HAVE to make $500 to be allowed to ride in the ride at all...if everybody I know gives me $20 I'll make it there easily!!!! Whatever you can see your way clear to donate would be great!

My web address for that event is:

It's a long one, but if you click on the link it should get you there.

Thanks guys!


Sunday, June 18, 2006

And the Silicon Chip Inside Her Head Gets Switched to Overload.....

I don't even have anything to say today...I just REALLY love this photo of Sir Bob Geldof and Bono. Nice picture!

You know, I DID find a really great Bono spot for all you fans out there. It's at
www.bonoonline.com. Nice spot. Very thorough!

What am I doing as of late? Going to school....Doing a little writing for a couple Veterinary clinics, doing some Mystery shopping (anything you want to know about ANY cell plan I can tell you the details. Been doing a lot of cellular shops as of late) and my main line of work these days is canvassing for the Gifford Pinchot Task Force. Right now we are signing up members and trying to stop an open pit mine from going in up by Mt. St. Helens...as if THAT area hasn't had enough problems to bounce back from already. If you are interested in reading about the mine and what you can do to help stop them from digging it go check out www.gptaskforce.org. Good site and I'm happy with the people I'm meeting and what I'm doing. Very grateful for the opportunity to get to try on a lot of things in the name of finding what really is the right fit for me.

I'll think of something to write later!